Words and phrases I use to describe me? Digital Insurgent. Product Scientist. Teacher. Creator. WhyMaster

I am an Atlanta based product guy with billions of grey cells invested in product management, digital and mobile product development, and new technology. The word on the street is that I have a broad background in the entertainment, media and tech industries; I say I have had a kickass career making products and making product people

Chidi Afulezi

My career has always been about beginnings. I started out at AT&T Wireless, building out their 3G wireless network in Baltimore City and East Maryland. After finishing b-school at NYU's Stern School of Business, I did new tech business development at Sony Music b4 making the transition to a product management director at Time Warner. My last corporate gig was leading the mobile product and product analysis team at Turner Broadcasting, with a number of awesome media and tech products launched into the wild. I am now a product trainer and consultant, and the co-founder of an e-content and digital media network for African content creators, brands and audiences, named aKoma

At this moment in time, I am doing a number of things that should be of interest to you. You ready?

://No holes barred product training and instruction. Ask the folks at General Assembly

://Product consulting that is definitely not the same ole humdrum 2x2 matrix traditional consulting. I come bringing challenging gifts and re-orients for teams and organizations

://I am an unabashed entrepreneur. Even failed at it three times already. Now on my fourth. This one is it, for sure 

://Interacting with small or large groups on whatever, be it product, career, entrepreneurship...is such a rush for me. There is nothing like vibing with your audience, learning from them even as they are there to learn from you

://My need for speed is sated when I am on my road bike, getting dusted by gangster Baby Boomers on some other level. But I hold my own though. 

://Africa is my muse. My all-in. It is the continent's time to shine, and my light is focused directly on the awesomeness coming out of Africa 

://I wear my corporate expat and renegade armor proudly. If I ever get back in the grind, will not shed my Nikes and Levis. 

My promise to you is that when we interact, connect, work together, it will not be a waste of your time. I am all-in in working to tackle the big problem, provide meaningful counsel, deliver thought provoking concepts, or just hang out with you with some coffee talking shop